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Tiny little Avengers can now decorate any flat surface in need of a Hulkbuster Iron Man suit. What flat surface wouldn’t require such a ridiculous piece of plastic? If you selected NONE, then you’re a big winner and you’ll receive our own Ross Kearney yammering about Ninja Turtles for a voicemail greeting. Check out the […]

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Convergence continues to impress with some serious intrigue and fun crossovers. Try to ignore the ugly covers they have going on and read the tie-ins, in addition to the main book. I’m sold on it so far. Also, read Squirrel Girl. It really is the most wonderful thing on the shelves. Check out the full […]

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The Meatmen are coming to town and they’re playing across the street at Geno’s. Save yourself a trip to Boston and go to this show! Thursday, May 7th, 5:00 PM at Geno’s. Be there. More info and updates here.

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