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A customer in the store described Big Trouble In Little China by saying “It’s an Orientalist’s nightmare, but I did enjoy it.” Truer words ever spoken? Pick up the ghost Lo Pn and other sweet toys being released this week.

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Marvel’s Secret Wars tie-ins show up this week and according to Tristan they’re all good! After the multitude of poor Convergence tie-ins, who would have thought that possible? Make sure to pick up Archie Vs Predator #2 this week, too. If you don’t like the story, at least give Archie a few bucks so they […]

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Are you looking to purchase one of our artisan, hand crafted, made with tender love and care shirts, but can’t make it into the store? Good news, champ. We have an Etsy store for just such an instance! Click the link below and purchase items that are guaranteed (not guaranteed) to make you smarter, happier, […]

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